An Islamic State.

An Islamic State is a land ruled exclusively by Islamic rules. It must be a Khalifa (Caliphate) system. This ruling system was implemented by the Prophet (saw). The State functions as one state with a centralized ruling system. The head of the state, the Khalifa (Caliph) must be elected due to his piety. 

Political Structure: 

  1. The Khalifah. 
  2. The Khalifa’s Assistants, of which there are two types: Delegated Assistant and Executive Assistant.
  3. The Amir of Jihad. 
  4. The Governors (Walis). 
  5. The Judges. 
  6. The Administrative System. 
  7. A Consultative (Shura) Assembly

The Creed of the State:

is built upon the basis that there is No Deity but Allah (swt) and Muhammad (saw) is His Messenger.

Ruling Principles:

Sovereignty belongs to Allah (swt)- through the Shari’ah, and not the people. The authority of ruling belongs to the nation (Ummah). The installation into office of ONE Khalifah is an obligation upon all Muslims. Only the Khalifah has the right to adopt divine laws (Ahkam Shari’yah) for implementation by the State.

Citizens of the State:

All citizens of the State shall be treated equally regardless of religion, race, colour or any other consideration. The State in all matters, be it ruling, judiciary, or welfare, is forbidden to discriminate amongst citizens.


The State does not recognize the physical borders or the independence of one Muslim country from another. The Ummah is one, the State is one, the Army is one, the Flag is one, and the Budget is one. The outer boundaries are always expanding to encompass Dar-ul Islam. Travel between distant lands is open and no restriction or visa is required.


The State has two flags. White is the flag of the Islamic State and the Black flag is carried by the army of Islam.


The Hijra, or Islamic calendar is the official calendar.


The official language of the State is Arabic, the language of The Qur’an.

The Islamic state was established by the Messenger of Allah (saw) as soon as he set foot in Madinah, after he had taken the second pledge (Baya’a) of Al-Aqaba from the Ansar, a pledge of protection and war, and a pledge to hand the authority in Madinah to the Messenger of Allah (saw). The birth of the Islamic state was the result of a new Aqeeda and a host of new concepts adopted by those who believed in him (saw) these concepts generated in his followers a new viewpoint about life, which in turn changed their viewpoint towards relationships and interests. The Messenger of Allah (saw) built the Islamic state in Madinah on the basis of this Aqeeda, and on the concepts which emanated from it, despite the fact that the verses of legislation had not been revealed yet. She was therefore a new state, built on a new Aqeeda, and on a host of new thoughts and concepts. The Islamic state is unique in her nature, her structure, what she stands for and the basis on which she is built. She is completely different from the nature and the structure of all the existing states in the world.

Now judge for yourselves if there is an Islamic state present in the world today and judge for yourselves the importance of such a government and the impact it can have if the 1.6 Billion Muslims around the world were united on such an aqeeda today. No, it isn’t a utopian state, it’s real. it existed in the past and it can in the future as well. It’s very real. 

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